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Main characteristics:- high rigidity - Flame retardant - Good Chemical resistance - Low thermal coefficient of expansion - Excellent electrical insulation properties - Universal application - Easy to process, can be cut, can be welded, suitable for hot shaping, suitable for vacuum deep drawing, can be glued.

Applications:     Recommended for use in situations, where high rigidity with low flammability as well as excellent chemical resistance is required, up to a temperature of 60 deg C.

- BUILDING TRADE: panels for exposed concrete, basement light shafts, sound insulation walls, window panels, roof coverings, shutters and ventilation slats, ceiling panels, doors, facades, air filters for cooling towers.
- INSTALLATIONS, EQUIPMENT, MACHINERY: extraction systems, caustic baths, machine covers, pipework systems, fans, conveyers.
- ELECTRICAL SECTOR: switch and meter boxes, switch panels.
- PUBLICITY SECTOR DISPLAYS: shop window designs, signs, rear walls for illuminated signs, lighting, stage decoration, television studios, templates.
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We stock a full range of premium quality PVC and ABS fittings and tube from George Fischer. For less demanding applications we also offer budget equivalents from a number of manufacturers.

 Plastic Engineering materials from the high specification and hard to find, to the commonly used in quantities large and small.