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TUFNOL laminates
Main characteristics:- Tufnol laminates are, are made from layers of fabric or paper, pressed and bonded together with resin, to make a strong, tough engineering material. Tufnol Laminates are chosen because they have - Good strength to weight ratio - Rigidity - Electrical insulation - Wear resistance - Toughness - Impact resistance - Resistance to chemical attack - Dimensional stability - Good working temperature range - Non metallic - Good machinability.

Applications: General Engineering: Bearings - Bushes - Cams - Gears - Guide Shoes - Nuts Bolts and Washers - Packing rings - Pump pistons - rollers and chains - Rotors - Spacers - Thrust washers - mounting boards for electric, electronic control equipment.
Aerospace: Connector blocks - Engine blade holders - fuel pipe clamps - fuel pump gears - Galley insulation - switch cases.
Automotive: wear plates - handbrake bushes - rollers and gears for petrol pumps.
Building: ceiling hangers - gaskets and washers.
Chemicals & Gas: anti spark tank covers - Bench tops and masking plates - piston rings - bursting discs - chains & jockey pulleys - chemical pumps - dipping trays - gas compressor valves - meter gears - pump sleeves.
Electrical & Electronics: Brush supports - coil bases and formers - insulators and insulating sleeves - terminal boards - instrument handles.
Packaging: Conveyer parts - guide plates - paper guages. 
Max continuous working temperatures:
CARP & WHALE 120 deg C : KITE 90 deg C : 6F45 130 deg C 
Grades stocked include:
Fabric- CARP, LYNX, WHALE, 6F/45   Paper- KITE, HERON, 1P/21, SWAN
In rod, sheet, plate and some tube sizes   Other grades available on request - 10G40, Fibre board, Bear, Crow

There are currently supply issues with Tufnol branded SRBF sheet. If you have a requirement please contact us and we can check the current availability of stock or suggest SRBF material from alternative suppliers. 
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CARP grade Sheet
WHALE grade Sheet
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